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365.242199 days of kissing strangers

Man. Miss Amber was right. How you spend the New Year will determine and shape your entire year. Last year, I was drunk.

I tried to study and failed miserably. I kissed a stranger. I met a nice guy who drove me home. I went home alone. I did not get laid.

I spent my birthday drinking Mimosas, avoiding my phone, eating good food and resting.

This is how my entire year went. I tried to study. I kissed Strangers. Male and female. Single and married. I kissed folk (and shockingly didn't get Mono or Swine Flu).

At 26, I managed to never lose my Morals, My Shoes, My Panties or My Car. I am a tamer me. A much tamer Me. I didn't "almost get arrested". Not even once.

I learned to laugh this year. Deep, hearty laughter. Something I hadn't done genuinely in a very long time.

I worked on "Authenticity" this year. Making sure that my outsides matched my insides. No fake smiles. No happiness covering up shit. I was me, through and through. For better or worse, no matt…

Chartering Unicorns for personal transport.

Let us start at the beginning because that it the logical place to start.

I woke up Saturday and did my "Gettin my toes done" dance. It's a solid dance. It looked alittle like this:

Gettin my toes done. Gettin my toes done. Walk outside..... boppin to my car.

Walk toward my car and think, "Wow. Either my window is hella clean or I left that junt open" bop bop bop. Get to my car and see glass on the seat. Very very sad face.

Thieves managed to fuck up my window and thief my indash system, so ofcourse I did the 1st logical thing. I text my dad and my brother and say, "Car got broken into" and dad texts back "Are you ok?" to which I reply "That question makes no sense. I wasn't in the car. Wtf?".

So I call the car insurance people and they tell me that they cannot fix my window until Monday. This marks the first of several instances in which I wonder why the fuck I pay for car insurance. Stoopid car insurance.

I decide to do the only…

The Shit I Hate About DC

I have actually managed to make up with everyone. Kisses exchanged and sammiches snacked on... All is well. Still studyin to leave tho....

Lemme expound on one thing for yall.... I hate Anonymous compliments. Especially when theyre negative. Real talk. MAN THA FUCK UP. If you hate my blog... dont read it. If you don't like what I say, Kick fuckin rocks. And if you have some shit to say.. At least have the balls to sign that shit.

I got a comment on my last blog that said: THIS ENTRY SUCKS! What happened 2 all your sleeping around & the partying & the crazy stories. I was thoroughly disappointed by this one. If u hate DC so much then GET THE FUCK TO THE NEXT CITY! We don't want u anymore anyway if you're going 2 be a bore & have no more fun stories to offer.

And you know what.... You're correct. I'm sorry my life cant live up to your expectations. I'll be sure to get caught up in a gangbang this weekend while bumpin Wale and Backyard to make up for yo…

Not Quite... But I'm gettin there.

I haven't written alot lately. (This is actually starting to become my standard blog greeting... It's a shame. really.)

So I'm sitting here sipping on a Cabernet Sauvignon, tryin to process how I feel and semi-succeeding and semi-failing. I work a ridiculous amount of hours a week. I get home every night, emotionally drained and physically exhausted. Everyday that I go to work I feel unappreciated and taken for granted. Most days this would be normal and expected but on Friday it came from someone whom I'd begun to trust.

This shit.... took me over the edge. I realized that I truly do hate my life. I am capable of so much and I literally spent this last year doing absolutely nothing. Nothing. I wasted an entire year of my life. I will never get this year back and it's my own fucking fault.

I was driving home last Thursday and I swear I had a glimpse at my future. My career, my spouse, my home... It looked not at all like my current life. It looked way more pleasing.

Free Music Wednesday.... Enjoy.

Your nice car doesn't make up for the fact that you're an asshole.....

Today was interesting so I thought I'd share. I woke up this morning to the rants of "The Crazy Lady". I should have known that lady lives too close to me. I need to move....

I have been working very late hours so I woke up and was headed to work, late as shit, walkin down the street thinkin bout that fine guy from brunch and how much finer he'd have been if he weren't an asshole. He had a nice smile.... Was alittle corny (which is what I would have expected based on his age). Wasn't the most truthful individual but I'd never keep him. Never. Who needs the headache?

Hmm, well who do I see driving a fly ass car honking at me as I pass by the entrance of his "company........

Now, I'm sure its wrong to give people "Fly ass car" bonus points but if he was running a deficiet points wise based on personality, he made his way back into my good graces due to his arms, ex-model status and that fine ass car. I'm a sucker for the 3 A's....A…

I been workin.... thats what I been doin....

Ive been working anywhere from 8-15 hours a day. I am physically, mentally and emotionally drained. I promise Ill write something soon. I promise. Just gimme a lil time. I feel like Im letting you all down when I cant write but when I dont get enough sleep, I cant creatively juice nothing. If you need tidbits of my crazy, come find me on facebook. Netta Rose.....

I'm in Miami, Bitch!!!

Ok, so I'm actually back from Miami. I haven't been writing as much lately. Between work and personal, theres never enough time in the day. Lemme just recap Miami for you.

I got drunk Wednesday night and wandered home to find a dude asleep in the cubbyhole to my apartment. Real talk, I thought it was my roomie when I walked up. Like "Damn Bitch! You couldn't even make it in the door?" But no. It was random sleepy man. He was very apologetic tho. I told him, "Fuck it. Folk gotta sleep and shit".

Lets just say this : Wine plus Ciroc.... tasty but not the best idea. When I woke up for my plane on Thursday, I was not in the best shape. I arrived at the airport hungover and confused.

Get on the plane and finally arrive. Here are my pics of firsts.

1st drank

First meal

First drunk pic

First drunk clothing change

Apparently, Miami is the land of "TOO MUCH DAMN ALCOHOL".... Like buy one get one free, but one costs 25 dollars and is roughly 80 ounces of drunk…

My path ain't your path... (Ps. Babies are parasites)

I can honestly say that I've been exploring lately.

Exploring my limits. Exploring my wants and desires. Breaking out of my preconceived notions of what "happiness" is supposed to look like and what my life should be comprised of.

There's been alot of talk about what shit is supposed to be. Apparently I am supposed to meet a man, get married, make a baby and then.... I guess raise some kids and die.

This shit does not sound like a win to me. I know married people. A lot of them are very unhappy. I also know a lot of people with kids and apparently that shit ain't all it's cracked up to be either.

I was eating "Birthday Sushi" with my dad and we were discussing how pregnant women can't eat sushi. I was thinking about the reasons behind that. Parasites. Hmmmm, why would babies be threatened by parasites? And then I realized the obvious. Babies are also parasites and they don't like the competition.

A baby parks itself in your guts for 9 m…

Top 3 reasons I'm goin to Hell aka "The Jesus - Jayz argument" (Randoms)

Top 3 recent reasons why I'm going to hell
I replied to someones facebook status that stated: "Jesus promises you (the believer) two things. A cross to die on and eternal life. He demands everything from us."

The conversation went as follows:
Me: I dont wanna die on a cross. Im confused.

Dude: Its not about what we want is it? The cross, of course, was a means of execution. To take the cross and follow Christ(Matt. 10:38) means to live in such devoted abandonment to Him that even death itself is not too high a price to pay. "For to me, living means living for Christ, and dying is even better." -Phil. 1:21

Me: I dont think Christ really wants me to do that.

Dude: to do what?

Me: hang out on crosses. :/ I dont even think he probably really cares whether i'm like devoted. I think he got other priorities. I think hed like me to be devoted but like, he ain't really pressed, naw mean.

Dude: Naw I dont know what u mean. If u claim to be a Christian then he wants you…

Freeeeee Hot musics.

Tap into your inner child and enjoy a Play Date - New Examiner article


For all those who keep on googling "I got 99 problems and they're all bitches"

Sorry. I was gonna post the Video.... but my country apparently wont allow it....

So here's the link for the track...(click here)

Don't ever say I never gave you nothin.

The head I should have turned down & why everyone should swallow.

I am aware that I've been hiding lately. Its been a necessary seclusion. I have a handful of things that I've needed to sort out for the past few weeks. While driving to NJ, August 23rd, I realized a few things.

I was brainstorming ideas for a guest spot on another blog. The topic is "Memories" and I don't remember anything positive. While thinking about my past relationships, it dawned on me: I have commitment issues. It was one of those DUH moments. Apparently everyone already knew this, cept for me.

I've never given 100 percent. Honestly, I've never emotionally or mentally committed to anyone. When I thought of commitment in the past, it was always a matter of fidelity in a sexual sense, not really wholly committing myself to a person with all of my tidbits (like my sex tidbits and my emotion tidbits and my spiritual type tidbits). It was a shitty driving revelation.

When I got to NJ, I quit. Seriously, I did. I secretly quit smoking. Didn't tell an…

Jay aint got shit on me.... No. Seriously. Real talk!!!!

Jay aint got shit on me.... No. Seriously. Real talk!!!!

My past 2 weeks have been primarily full of Bullshit.

I know, I know, I know. It's been a minute.

Let me try and run it back proper so you know what's been going on. I've been overwhelmed lately and left to stew in my own thoughts, so now I'm on the bus writing this while woman next to me keeps talking and I am trying to sufficiently ignore her while absentmindedly trying to figure out if she is talk to me, to herself or into one of them fuckin bluetoothes. Whatever.

Let me run it back to last Saturday.

I get a text asking me if I can write for an online social networking site. Ok, whatevs.

I'm honestly starting to hit my limit on these dudes talking bout they own they own business and point me to a social networking URL wit a fucked up GUI.

Real talk: User generated content in an online community with ad revenue as your main profit stream is on my last nerve. It's been done before. You're 10 years late and a shitty imitation at best. Meet an unmet need. Be original. Fuck!!!

After assessing their needs and expectati…

Wine flights and DC Restaurant week : Places to venture to this week


I owe you a whole lotta bloggin. I aint gone lie. Just wiped out. Long story.... Promise to hook yall up soon. Til then, I come bearing gifts....

DJ Xklusive's Usershare account
Feel free to get yo free music on.... Sometimes it goes down.... be patient


Love me.

My exes are like herpes..... (aka Penile Recidivism)

My exes are like herpes.....
No, they don't have herpes. And no, I don't have herpes... But they are like herpes. Just because you haven't seen it in a while, doesn't mean that it's gone. Them motherfuckers are merely lying dormant and they will pop up again. Outbreak style!

I have a handful of guidelines to assist me in keepin it short/ sweet and not crazy:
The 3 month rule.
I am thoroughly about a 3 month Probationary period for all incoming dicks, though it has been brought to my attention that perhaps the 3 month timeframe is discriminatory against men. Maybe 3 months isn’t long enough for them to figure out how they feel about a situation, which would explain my high recidivism rate.

Personally, I think the 3 month rule is great. It essentially says, "We have fun for 3 months, but at the end of that 3rd month, we are either going somewhere or we aren’t. If we are going somewhere, then that is great. If not it’s time to shit or get off the pot and I got to go.&…