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Bear with me.

I been on some other shit lately. Yeah, yeah yeah. I know I owe yall a blog but my head has been wrapped up in "Him" and between the late night convos, the early Am work and late night club shit (Not to mention the slew of out of town house guests), my ass has been done. Not to mention my shower and toilet were broken... I dont even want to talk about it.

He is coming to visit next week. I am ecstatic. Making sure everything is on point is exhausting. Seriously. This random guy asked me what I look for in a man, and my answer was : "Hard working, honest, loyal, devout, has integrity, slangs good pipe and has a mean head game..."

Thats all I need. So if the last two are on point... Tequila fueled vegas wedding... All day. I have a shitload of stuff I want to write about but I need to have some down time to write it. Give me time. Give me time. I could push out crap, but I'd rather give you the bizness... you know?

I have chest flutters. He makes me wanna lay around…

A lil bit smiley, alil bit lovey dovey and shit....

It's funny as shit when you talkin to somebody and every song you hear sounds like the epitome of what tha fuck is up.... I'm a slight bit open. LLS. fuck. Grinning from ear to ear.... He make me real happy like.

I wasn't letting nuttin fuck up my day today. I been on str8 cloud nine. I looooooovvvveee liking someone. The best feeling. Every time some shit popped up and tried to fuck up my day... I said lata for that and sent him a Blackberry Message. Smiley goofy dumb greasy wide open smile.... :D

Free ill ass download.

And life progresses onward.... and toward Shoes.

I have been working my ass off lately. Work, work, work... no play.

Between the 9 to 6 and the club door and the almost fainty spell I had on the metro the other day plus the "til 2 or 3 am" phone calls wit tha Brooklyn Boy...

Hot damn a bitch is tired. And sad part about it all is, my stomachs been bothering me, my head has felt funny and when I told folks I didn't feel good, at least 3 people asked me if I was pregnant. How tha fuck Imma be pregnant and I just dropped 3 lbs? But that shit made me paranoid as fuck anyway so We tested.


Please peep the digital magic

I'm paranoid like that. Plus a toddler blew a kiss at me and I took it as the curse of death. and inevitably, the minute after you take the test, period comes. I do love me some periods tho.

I can't help that I'm a weirdo. I was talking to this random guy and he was real funny about his housing situation and letting me see his crib.

Something about a lot of messy roommates, but I jump …

Fuck That Hoe Shit! (Doo Doo on haters.)

Just came from the new free shrinkman. It's a slight pain in my ass to have to explain all about myself, all over again. We be tryin to figure out random shit like "Why do people be hittin me up for advice on relationships when I have the worst taste in men? Is it because I know how to recognize the bad ones? Hmmmm?" Fucks it.

I woke up yesterday mornin, real peppy like. I'd spent the night before talking to a guy that my friend suggested I might click with and lo and behold, E is smart cuz we did jie click. Talked for almost 2 hrs and it was nice. Real nice.

So I was pretty fuckin pleased wakin up this morning until I hear this shit on the radio.

Random ass commercial with a woman saying "Just cuz I'm living with HIV doesn't mean I have to live in fear."

Come tha fuck on DAWG!!!! It's 8am on a Tuesday,!!!! Are you trying to blow my whole fuckin day? Damn!

Go to work and get it poppin. Got a package midday. Let me explain how lazy I am.

I woke up…

Me thinks I just might be ready

Sometime close to September, I realized that I wasn't ready for a relationship. It struck me in the way that most things due. Out of the blue, middle of the day, clear as anything I'd ever known before. I had some growing to do.

I needed to learn me some patience. And so it began, like many things do. Decidely, definitively, and suddenly. I decided to grow something. Because you can't force a plant. You can't manipulate it. It grows at its own pace. So I planted. I planted with the knowledge that when these plants bloomed, I'd be ready. I'd bide my time and nurture these plants and when they are done, it will be time.

This is the product of my work. This is what I grewd.

They are Morning Glories. They bloom in the die and then die. 1 day with them and it's over. All that work for a burst of color and then it's gone. Kinda like love. Kinda like life. Poetic I guess. Fucks it. I'm Ready.

Possibly the Gayest shit I ever wrote. (ever)

Having an open blog has been one of the more rewarding experiences of my life. Transparency with myself and others has probably saved me years of therapy bills and has served as a healthy method of expression.

But I'm reaching a time in my life when I need to get alil more private. Hence the blog is going private.

It is crazy touching that 80 some odd people have requested access to my blog and I relish the opportunity to be even more candid than before in regards to my life. Being guarded from random eyes, there will most definitely be more kissing, way more telling and possibly some indecent photos....

There are 100 spots available.... So says blogspot. I always love getting new readers, so if you have a friend whom you think might enjoy my shit, just have em email (I have a plan for circumstances to accommodate more than 100 people if necessary).

This has definitely been a roller coaster ride and I wont be posting another blog until this is …

If you don't email me, you wont get to read my blog no mo....

New DJ Xklusive mix.

DJ Xklusive has a new mix up. Please check it out. Go to for downloads.


The Mrs. Robinson Effect (It's a sickness)


Imma go private. If you want to continue to be able to read this, you need to email me so that I can add you to the invite list.

This was possibly the longest, most sleep deprived weekend ever. Ever.

So, I head out to do my normal Friday gig. Standing at the front of the club, I take money. It is my job to take a cover charge from you. Normally this cover is roughly $10. I have never seen people so pissed about having to hand over $10. These people will later be seen in the club, waving around a bottle and singing the chorus to "Ballin!" as loud as possible. Boooooo.

I get home at 4 am from the club. 4 Fucking am. This is post "Tequila debacle" from Thursday. I was so very tired, it was ridiculous. I lay down and the next thing I know, its 7:30.


Up I get and I trudge off to my hair appointment where I get fresh to death. Then I head to the mall for some kicks and lotion. Get my eyebrows done. Head back to Silver Spring and check in wit cuzzo. Then I …



Me and Lent are Straight Fuckin Beefin.

I'd written a drunken 2am blog but I pulled it down because it lacked cohesion. Parts of it are in this blog but I couldn't just leave it as it was.

Nothing good came out of the last 24 hours.

First off, Me and Lent are straight beefin. Straight Beef.

Within the last 24 hrs, I broke all of my Lent donts.

For Lent I gave up:
Hard Liquor
Most Men.

Yesterday actually started off all wrong. It was all misty out in the morning and I had to run around town and pick up shit for work. So I go and do all this random ass shit and lo and behold, I end up with another sore throat.

I have been fighting off the same cold for the past two weeks. My job is extra stressful and stress kills.

Also, I have the worlds shittiest immune system due to the following factors:
I dont take vitamins.
I never get enough sleep.
Rarely am I properly attired for the weather.

The culminating factor in all of this is the fact that I developed an eating disorder right after college. It was a very co…