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I'm in Miami, Bitch!!!

Ok, so I'm actually back from Miami. I haven't been writing as much lately. Between work and personal, theres never enough time in the day. Lemme just recap Miami for you.

I got drunk Wednesday night and wandered home to find a dude asleep in the cubbyhole to my apartment. Real talk, I thought it was my roomie when I walked up. Like "Damn Bitch! You couldn't even make it in the door?" But no. It was random sleepy man. He was very apologetic tho. I told him, "Fuck it. Folk gotta sleep and shit".

Lets just say this : Wine plus Ciroc.... tasty but not the best idea. When I woke up for my plane on Thursday, I was not in the best shape. I arrived at the airport hungover and confused.

Get on the plane and finally arrive. Here are my pics of firsts.

1st drank

First meal

First drunk pic

First drunk clothing change

Apparently, Miami is the land of "TOO MUCH DAMN ALCOHOL".... Like buy one get one free, but one costs 25 dollars and is roughly 80 ounces of drunk…

My path ain't your path... (Ps. Babies are parasites)

I can honestly say that I've been exploring lately.

Exploring my limits. Exploring my wants and desires. Breaking out of my preconceived notions of what "happiness" is supposed to look like and what my life should be comprised of.

There's been alot of talk about what shit is supposed to be. Apparently I am supposed to meet a man, get married, make a baby and then.... I guess raise some kids and die.

This shit does not sound like a win to me. I know married people. A lot of them are very unhappy. I also know a lot of people with kids and apparently that shit ain't all it's cracked up to be either.

I was eating "Birthday Sushi" with my dad and we were discussing how pregnant women can't eat sushi. I was thinking about the reasons behind that. Parasites. Hmmmm, why would babies be threatened by parasites? And then I realized the obvious. Babies are also parasites and they don't like the competition.

A baby parks itself in your guts for 9 m…