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All these Motherf*ckin Rooftops

The level of crazy in NY has actually managed to up the ante on crazy. I has seen 2 people "walking" birds on leashes. I have seen 2 people in Grossly inappropriate attire. I have seen so many people who count as "crazy" it defies my counting capabilities.
I am ok with all of this as I am alil crazy too. I like to wave at my Train conductor when get off the train. Eh. Just cuz its New york, don't mean you should refrain from politities....

Mostly what I have seen is rooftop bars. They apparently ran out of "land" room so they started using up all the "air" space.

The views are fantastic and I have settled into a pattern: New York on Fridays and New Jersey on Saturdays. I go "bar" in NY, and make it onto my last train (cruelly scheduled at 1am). I make my way back to Jersey and spend time laughing with my dad in this serene ass town on the water. Its a nice pattern and I enjoy it.

The dating aspect has been interesting.

I have notic…

Single in the city

Sometimes the vastness of the city astounds me. The singles, the “in loves”, the marrieds….

It is amazing how, in a city so big with so many people to connect with, how some people can feel so alone.

I am embarking on dating again, kinda. After all my years of “failures”, at least I have figured out what I do and do not want.

I want:
Someone with a four year degree.
I am tired of dating people that I can only have perfunctory conversations with. I should not have to dumb down our conversation because you cannot keep up.

Someone who has read more than just what was assigned at school in order to get that four year degree.
I am not wowed when your list of favorite reading materials merely consists of things that were required.

Someone who isn’t crazy.
This one seems simple but I have a history of “what the fuck”…. From the delusional to the sociopathic. I can’t do it anymore.

Someone who makes as much or more money than me.
I am tired of dating dudes who make a 3rd of what I do. It’s rid…