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Tiny Bottles of Wine are Ingenious.

Preface: Let me start by stating that I postponed my LSATs. I need to work further on my Reading Comprehension and the hiatus that I took from writing has left me feeling completely unprepared for the actual writing section. It’s funny how the step that I took to leave me to focus on my studying diminished my confidence to actually perform on the test. Go figure.

I’d love to fill you in on everything, but there is too much to tackle as to what has happened over the last few months so I’ll hit the highlights and then try and narrow in on the last two days.

I’ve taken a break from dating. There are a lot of reasons for this break.
I have a severe commitment-phobia.
If I am seeing someone who is generally interested, I bolt. If I am seeing someone who doesn’t give a fuck, I linger. This is crazy-behavior.

I’m happier single.
I am.

I am not really friends with any of my exes.
Because before we started dating we weren’t really friends either.

I have found all parts of sex pretty disappointi…

Tired. Very tired.

I am emotionally and mentally tapped out. I dunno. Im about to withdraw for a while to think some things over. Thus is all.