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Best way to never run into your Ex Jump Off's ever again

I realized while driving home from Jersey after dropping a load of stuff off in Jersey that the best way that you can truly avoid running into your Ex Jump offs ever again is to just plain move to another city.

NYC is a whole new crop of man folk. A whole new crop of penis and adventure. Yay Penis. Yay Adventure.

My new shrink says I should fall in love. According to him, 27 is a great age to fall in love. I told him Love was a really strong word and that maybe he should use the word "like" instead.

The NY transition and the DC exit requires a whole set of rules. Seriously. So, here it goes:

The term "Love" is on Pause....
I think that shit has been thrown around way too often. By me, By other folks, By everyone. So that shit.... On pause. Love is not to be replaced with the term "Strongly Like". Like this shit is a survey or something. Fuck it.

I am no longer going to off brand clubs or to shit on off brand nights.
I work in an office. Sunday - Thursday, c…