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Goddamn Crazy Magnet.

Things have been alil crazy with the rooftop pandemonium and all. I have this new habit that I am working on establishing in my life. I call it, "Breaking up with people that I'm not even dating". No, really. And it’s the best shit I ever came up with.

And it begins: I met a guy on a Wednesday night after getting drunk the night before.

Let me recap: The night prior to that, I was at a table in a club on a rooftop drinking large quantities of alcohol. I finally made it home at around 2am and still had to work.

So the next morning, I get up and head onto the train at 6am. I am dead to the world. No lie. We get to Penn station and I am still dead to the world.

The train unloads at Penn and goes to get cleaned in Queens. When I wake up, the train is rolling. I bolt up and run to the front. I find the conductor and ask "Am I headed to Queens?" because I've blatantly resigned myself to my fate.

He asks "Do you want to go to Queens?"

So I ask "Do I …