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I sincerely should move.

I was so sad driving back into MD. I miss my dad and my brother and my cat already. There isn't really any reason I should stay here. I really should move.

DJ Xklusive mixeeeeesssss

Click for a link to DJ Xklusives new shit.

Track list
drake and friends track listing

Drake – best I ever had
BOB –Don’t break my heart
Trey songz- don’t wanna come down
Lil Wayne - Not love
Drake – Congratulations (bonus track on "so far gone" aka X-Klusive
Dr. Dre ft Ti and Nas – Topless
Young jeezy ft Fabolous- Turn My Swag On
Lil Cease ft Fabolous and Busta Rhymes – Talk goes through us

click here to download full 20 minute mix

If you want individual tracks, take yo ass to


Also, check out DJ Kwame who hails from Liverpool and DJ Manifest from Canada!

Trust, Lies and the Naked girl on the couch.

Ms. Skittle is on vacation in jersey this week. Laying around. Napping with the cat. Looking at houses and GRE words. Reading old ass L. J. Smith novels and thinking about the nature of relationships.

Jskittle is ready to settle down. Nice house, Normal guy (not these hood rats, or club rats, or dudes with their heads in the streets).

I said it before, I'll say it again:
You have to know how to recognize the difference between a boy and a man. A man pays bills, takes care of home first, shows respect and understands the value of commitment. A boy runs up bills, comes home only to sleep and eat, talks out the side of his neck and is only seriously committed to his dick and his mama.

I know what I want. I need someone who knows what they want too. I've lived. I've seen what I need to see.

I did one of those "answer things about me" junts and Eve said that the song that most reminded her of me was "Area codes". Can't disagree with that. My ex in WV once s…

Skipped pills equal crazy

Times is tough. My new insurance is a bitch. A sorry, cheap ass bitch....

They didn't cover my meds last month and I wasn't sure that they would this month. To conserve dough, I decided to pill skip. I have been taking a pill roughly every other day instead of every day.... This is not so good. My doctor told me that if I forgot to take a pill one day, Id be fine. Apparently, its cool occasionally. But skipping the meds that regulate the happy in my brain every other day has had some not so good effects, mostly in a depressed like way. I finally got the pre-approval from the insurance company, which kindly let me know that they would need pre-approval again in three months time.

Oxford... You are a company of assholes, with douchy ass policies. Medco.... Fuck you. No, really, fuck you.

I still do not have a medical card (Ive been enrolled since January 1st),
I went to an in-network doctor (and called to make sure I didn't need pre-approval or a referral). Oxford, you got …

Djxklusive Vday mix

V-DAY (aka free milk)

V-day OD 09 went pretty well. Valentines Day is officially the equivalent of Vegas.... What happens on Vday must stay on Vday....

I did have a handful of revelations.....
Valentines day should perhaps be the Love equivalent of New Years Eve. Motherfuckers need to make Love Resolutions.

I won a "My ex is worse than yours" contest.

I decided to go on a diet the other day. I feel like losing 5 pounds. Cuz I can... Diet + Alcohol = Super drunk Super early....

Ps: Men are now referred to as Cows.... Penises: Milk... Yup

I made some good choices this last year in relation to not dating outright assholes.

Old lessons are always relevant to others: Never date a man who wishes he was elsewhere. It is a slow death standing next to someone who is pining for someone else. It will always keep you up at night, wondering when (not if, but when) he will leave....

Dr. Dre said it best:
Thats your bitch? [on these nuts]
Really I dont...[give a fuck]
All I really know is your hoe wants to be with me, …

Drake and Jadakiss: Get your albums here.

Tidbits of the day.. thanks Facebook.

Posted this morning on Facebook:
I overslept Today
I overslept today. I was dreaming about sex and shoe shopping. It was much more fulfilling than waking up for work and thus I continued.

I made it into the office and baby talk commenced. I think that talking about babies (my coworker just made one) can spread pregnancy like SARS. I am convinced that he is trying to get me pregnant by talking about those baby backpack things..... I shall avoid talking to him from here on out.

Arrrggggh. Work.

Posted this afternoon on Facebook:

Lesbian sushi. (aka Id rather be napping)

Id rather be napping. Im tired. I wish things were different and they aint. I need to get my zen on. Funny thing is, the minute i put down my skepticism, everything flip flopped and became fuckery. Soooooo back to the skepticism. Back to the books. Back to nappin and learnin and working and nappin some more. and an Lword marathon. Nothing turns a frown upside down as fast as lesbians. Nope. Lesbians and sushi. My fail-safes.


Don't put pussy on Layaway. (What to do when things go awry)

Sometimes shit don't work out. Things seem to be goin straight and then shit just goes off track. It be like that sometimes. Thus is the drama that is humanity.

And after dating for about 10 years, I have some surefire things to take my mind off of my disappointments:
Plan A
The current Plan A is actually Plan A version 2. Version 1 (which my Hampton peeps can attest to) was "that nigga Kobe". Kobe lives in B-more and had it not been for rising gas prices, he might still be Plan A.

Plan A actually arose out of a necessity for me to (as I call it) "Knock feelings out of my uterus". Blame this theory on freshman year late night philosophizing. So, feelings get lodged in your uterus, and you can’t move on until they get knocked out. Kobe has taken me through quite a bit of heartache and every time I left, I felt refreshed. That is now Plan A version 2.0's job.

The funny thing about Plan A (as he recently reminded me) is that we had hiccups in the beginning. Appa…

Dont kill me with your funstick (I folded. 25 things about my ass)

1. I don’t like it when my tax dollars go to any of the following:
a. abstinence only sex education
b. charter schools
c. The war on drugs
Nothing personal, just saying tho. I also hate social security. I'm evil like that.

2. I have a cashmere teddy bear whom I have appointed as my “Nap Bear”. It is his job to watch over me as I sleep.

3. Deer are scary. Real scary. Scarier than lions and tigers and shit cuz I see deer on a regular basis and the menacing “Ill fuck you up” looks that they throw at me are terrifying.

4. I just realized that some people are just going to be vexations and that I should avoid them at all costs. Some people are just straight bad. They give out bad, the take in bad and they radiate that shit…

5. I HAAAATTTTTTEEEE it when people who I am not very close to call me by names that suggest familiarity. Guy hit me up this morning talking about “Hey sexy”…. So I veto’d that and he come back with “ok beautiful”… That’s creepy. We don’t know each other and you sound …

Breather time

I need a breather before I do one of the following:
Kirk out.
Black on someone
Take anxiety medication til I straight don't give a fuck and do all of the previously mentioned things.

BASTARD. Ass rape you wit a spoon....

apparently Im alil heated.