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Apparently copyright laws aint no joke....

Lil Wayne Rockstar Mix
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Lil Wayne Rockstar Mix

Prom queen
Beep remix ft bobby v and lil kim
My name is
Just lean ft tyga
Loser ft Raje
Yes ft pharell
Throw it back ft mack maine
Blame it ft Jamie foxx
How u doing?

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My heart vs. My head (Plus Haters, Hoe friends & Fluke bitches)

After getting back from NJ and seeing my dad, who is now out of the hospital with pending cardiologist visits, I have been bogged down with work, sleep, colds and the guy I like.

I have also been slightly torn between what I feel I "should" say to him vs. what actually has a need to be verbalized in our current situation. We ain't got no rings... and no commitments (though we do get along well). The sex is.... Well just watch the video:

Now, we haven't discussed exclusivity. I don't think there is an expectation that my vagina is strictly for him and tho I haven't slept with anyone else yet, a much welcome friend should be reemerging within the next week.

I think we are functioning on a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. He don’t seem to want to ask, so I don’t really intend on telling.

All I know is this: My heart says one thing... (like perhaps if I care about the sanctity and purity of this situation, I should keep my vag to myself.)

My vagina…

Jskittle is confused by Twitter. Perhaps pants would help.

Im lost and confused by twitter. It appears to be 160 characters of WTF I be doin..... I lack the energy to figure it out. Im going to watch Wall-e with my Muppet....
Come find me -

DJ KWAME free mixes.... Stalk him!

DJ Xklusive's 44th President Mix & RNB 2009 Mix


44th President Mix

My President is black – Jay-z
History – Jay-Z
Amazing - Kanye West ft Young Jeezy
Hero –Ti ft Akon
Action – Florida ft Pleasure P
Man Cry – Mack Maine ft Mistah Fab
Hush – Usher
America’s Song – Will I Am ft Faith Hill, Bono, Seal, & Mary J Blige

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RNB 2009 Mix
Be on you – Ne-Yo ft Niggalas Cage
Turn you Out – Sammie ft Blake Kelly
Dirty Laundry – Mashonda ft Eve
I just wanna know rmx – Taio Cruz ft Florida
I’m Not Ok – The Dream
My Love – The dream ft Mariah Carey
Make that sound – J. Holiday
I’m Doin Ok – Ne-Yo
The Loneliness – Babyface

Free Download

Another Mix.... For your downloading pleasure..

Message from the man:
Barack Champagne – Ron Brownz ft Busta Rhymes
Blame It – Busta Rhymes ft Lil Wayne
Get it in – 50 cent
Lousiana – Lil Wayne
Yes – Lil Wayne ft Pharrell
Roll the dice – shawty lo
Crack a bottle – Eminem ft Dr Dre & 50 cent
Tribute to BIG & Pac - Hypnotize, Playa Hater, California Love, How do u want it,
Letters to Pac and Big

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If I liked it, then perhaps I woulda put a ring on it....

I am alil soft right now. It's cool. I think I like somebody. I do not think I will talk about him very often. cuz I like him. And the more I like someone, the less I blog about them.

My head is all in Math right now. Middle school is where I started taking algebra. I actually thought that my public school education was okay, but now I am seeing that I don't know what a coefficient is. I am unsure as to how I ever graduated high chool.

This is making Gre studying very difficult.

Anyway, mathematically my equation of "Like" looks alil something like this:

There is an inverse correlation between how much I like someone and how often I mention them in my blog.

I like being in "Like". and this "Like" feels comfy and not at all "Supercool".

"Supercool" is what I dub people who are "too cool" to be silly, or have fun. These are normally the people in the corner, talking shit about how "lame" everyone else is, when real…

Number one Sex.

Apparently the trend of this year which started off looking like Lesbianism has not been quite like that.....

This aint nothing girl that you ever had in your life.
Them other lames you been with aint even ch-ch-chip the ice.
Cause what I got up in these draws, you be like Kelly he the boss.
He the man, oh my god, he's the pussy champion.
Babygirl I hope you ready cause I'm about to put it down.
Babygirl show your experience cause I'm about to show you mine's.
Lets do the Kamasutra, crouching tiger.
Girl its raining but I hope it's fire.
Cause what Im about to do to you will make your girls want it.
I'll be having you screaming 'You the best', now you know it's number one.


Musings of Lesbian Sex lead to Blogging

Today I stayed home... I have a cold. Whilst sitting around, watching Season 3 of Veronica Mars and eating a Shrimp Quesadillas (cuz even tho I’m ill, my taste buds ain’t) I realized I should write some hot shit about sex. Cuz that's what I do.

I was going to write about girl on girl sex.... but instead, I decided to write about feminism. yup. I’m evil....

I tease you with the promise of intercourse with women (which this year seems to be heading toward) but then I deliver my musings on what’s been bouncing around in my brain lately.

You can blame this entire post on Greg. It is, in fact, Greg’s fault. It started with a discussion about Lil Kim… It snowballed into a discussion about the contradictions laid upon women post feminist movement.

I give you the Lil Kim Convo:

“Real Feminist”:
Lil kim is a can you tell the difference between whats true and whats not true?
Moral of the paint a picture for other people to depict.
And obviously thats how the world sees her!

They said sorry Ms. Netta is gone!

I spend the past 48 hours arguing with Medco and ADP and United Health care about Doctors appointments, prescription medications and general coverage issues. Have you ever dropped 350 on a prescription? It is a horrible feeling. I have nothing to show for it. Not even my health.

I am now poor and going back and forth to doctors and pharmacies, trying to get shit covered, I have developed a cold. I want to ass rape someone with my foot.

I am sequestering myself for the good of me and the rest of the world. I will only see 2 people this weekend. These people will be Eve and Roomie. and maybe, just maybe funny guy from Sunday. I think funny guy from Sunday is awesome.

I am particularly annoyed at one person. He knows who he is. He knows why I am pissed. I will not be leaving my house in a social fashion until Inauguration. I do not give a fuck if Jesus himself pops into town. My phone will be on silent.

I is thru. Yall motherfuckers don't appreciate shit.

They claim you never know wha…

3 mixes and a new Rihanna track

DJ Xklusive Downloads
(The only reason my MP3 Player is even semi-relevant)


Message From the Man himself:
Hot R&B mixes...not just 4 the ladies...think the fellas can vibe to these joints 2
always a free download...below ...check my other bloggs for hip hop downloads...Rihanna ft Chris Brown, and my best songs of 2008 Mix that has almost 300 downloads in just over 3 days!!! --Raymos

Mix 1
What Channel – Keri Hilson
Blow My Mind –Israel
Boyfriend # 2 – Pleasure P
Girl Let Me – Belly ft Drake
Her black hair-Lloyd ft lil wayne
Halo - Beyonce
Best Sex – C Ball ft Marques Houston
All I need – sterling sims ft the dream and jadakiss
No. 1 sex – R Kelly ft Keri Hilson
I need a girl – P Diddy ft Loon & Usher

Free download Link

Mix 2
Cringing – the dream
Things u do – young keno ft Lloyd & lil wayne
Outta space – young berg
Pretend – Cheri Dennis
Like a star remix – taio cruz
This is what it sounds like – sterling sims
Long lap dance – t-pain

Recap with my Shrink and a Declaration of Singledom

I woke up this morning real sadlike. I woke up knowing that I would have to do something very difficult today. I was going to have to break up with my therapist.... Or at the very least stagger my appointments.

See, my job changed my health care. The new shitty ass health care that they gave me is taken by virtually no one. Exhilarating. And right before xmas. Merry fucking xmas.

I heart sanity and shit but I cannot afford to spend 2K a year to keep it. When I first walked into his office, I couldn't articulate what was wrong. I was upset but I couldn't say why. Nothing was wrong but Nothing was right either.

I was extremely depressed. My gyno recommended that I take up jogging.

Tip: When very depressed, do not attempt to jog as a remedy. It is impossible to jog while sobbing. (I speak from personal experience.)

He took time. Never questioned me. Waited for me to learn to trust him and take down my guard. He never lectures and never judges. And He helped me immensely in ways th…

2009 Mixtapes... I heart free musics....

Blame it on the alcohol!!! (2009 looks promising.)

Ms. Amber Alert herself said these words....
NOW...because i am a slightly superstitious person i have to add this...the saying goes that the way u bring in the new year is the way u will spend the new year...

And keeping that in mind, I decided to take a look at the occurrences of last New Years Eve and see of their impact on 2008.....

This was me last year:

I recall most clearly my coworker shoving 5 bottles of alcohol into my arms, staggering outside, putting the bottles in my trunk and sitting down on the curb to smoke a cigarette before I headed home.

When I finally did get home, I got a call from an "Old Friend", who managed to deliver himself, not unlike a pizza.... in 20 Mins or less. All I had to do was leave the door unlocked. Happy Birthday to Me. I even let him sleep over, because it was quite late (tho I promptly kicked him out in the AM.)

Yeah. I can say that Alcohol saturated all of 2008 and smoking leaked into most of it as w…