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Shit i say at work, cuz im too lazy-busy to blog. (my supervisor writes these down)

Who likes Jell-o? It’s just juice that jiggles.” 5/24/2010

“Is there a movie about invisible sharks? Cause we should make one.Think how cheap it’d be!” 5/26/2010

“If I lived in a village, I’m sure they’d, like, put me down. They’dbe, like, ‘you’re too weird to live.’” 5/26/2010

“It is better . . . to have eaten . . . and lost . . . . than to never have eaten at all.” 5/27/2010

“. . . I was just thinkin’ you’d make a horrible woman. I mean, evenif you shaved the beard, you’d still be too lazy to gussy it up.”5/27/2010

“I love bar codes. I’ma bar code my kids. ‘It’s 10:00 pm, do youknow where your kids are?’ *Bloop!* Got ‘em!” 5/28/2010

“Wouldn’t it be great, like, if you had a friend who could pop-lockreal well, and you get them drunk and put them in a cow suit and madethem pop-lock for you?” 6/2/2010 (Ed: This was entirely unsolicitedand unrelated to anything that was going on).

“If there were giant hamsters, they would look like you . . . . . . Ithink that’s a compliment.” 6…