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Take that! Take that! and the legion of bammas... (NYC pt. 2)

Flash forward to the A.M.

I woke up and needed to coordinate like 8 things. I needed to get fed, get checked out, coordinate my pickup from the hotel by one of my oldest besties and work out how the seeing of "Old/New" guy.

1st things 1st.... Breakfast. "Bridesmaid number 2" and I put on clothes and head out. After wanderin to 5 different places that we don't quite dig, we settle on a deli. Food is eaten and then we head back to the hotel. I check out and pay my ridiculous ass bill.... My old roomie comes and scoops me and we take a trek across the world and into Bx.

I realized at this point that NY is ginormous. Its like 5 cities smacked together. I realize that I might love it there. We get to my home girls crib and I arrange with "Old/New" guy to meet us at the crib. We all end up having jello shots and reminiscing about "the old days". I realize that I like "Old/New" guy. I realized that I dig his style. Its feisty and diffe…

Throwing Rose Petals at strangers in Times Square (NYC part 1)

Let me rewind a bit before we get into the details from my NY extravaganza.

The day after Christmas, I took my mother to Dover to see my brother.... I was so aggravated by the process of getting to Dover that I forgot to write about it last time I wrote.

Okay, so we are headed to Dover. Already we are running late. I had to get my hair and toes done for the NYE wedding that I was headed to. Mom and I get on the road and we are following the New GPS. His name is "Jason". No, Seriously. Before it was this british chick who just plain drove me nuts. Anywho. Jason is kindly directing us to "McGlynns" in Dover and not doing a bad job of it. But according to my mother, GPS and Jason are both morons. What we need to do is drive to up 95 and then go on the Delaware Memorial bridge. I try to explain to my mother that just because the Bridge is in Delaware doesnt mean it is anywhere near Dover. But Jason is only so loud and please believe that my mom is louder. Way Louder. So…