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Two Tranny Hookers & a Coke binge at the Bronx Zoo

Yeah. I took a hiatus. I ain't gonna lie.

1st off, with the blizzarding of the DC metropolitan area, I ain't gone nowhere and I definitely ain't did shit. The Lsats were on the 5th and got "snowed out". I took that as a sign from God and postponed that shit until October. The next one was in June but it was on a Monday and that shit ain't the business.

On a personal note, I am leavin DC. I'm headin off to New Jersey to live with pops. I'll be working in New York... This is bound to lead to more interesting stories. Not DC centric stories, but definitely stories. Like that last time in New York, New Years Eve.... Some people invited us into a limo. God knows where that could have led. I anticipate many interesting NY stories. Imagine.... Two Trannie hookers and a coke binge at the Bronx zoo. It could happen.

With all the snow, I ended up slamming out the screenplay that I was working on with a friend. Done and done. I'm looking forward to future col…

What had happened before i got busy

Preface: I wrote this about a two weeks ago. I met up with my "FB wife" and ended up partying. I totally missed out on writing the second part, which definitely involved a drunk girl biting my knee and wound down with her crying at the cops. Side note: Do not get drunk and hysterically plead your case to your local constabulary. It merely annoys them. Especially at 4am. Their goal is just to get your drunken and debaucherous ass out of the street. Whatever. I didn't have time to write about it. I just wrote about Friday, and Shall supply it forthwith:

Saturday OD'd on itselfs. I woke up at around noon. This was after the club pandemonium which I'm so not gonna get into except for this one part....

I hit my boy Mitch and he just ushers us in, no line, which is nice cuz I can't bear waiting. I love the park. Security is the same folk from the now defunct Love and they always make with the hugs. Head up to 4 and my bartender is up there. Pay attention cuz this is…