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The head I should have turned down & why everyone should swallow.

I am aware that I've been hiding lately. Its been a necessary seclusion. I have a handful of things that I've needed to sort out for the past few weeks. While driving to NJ, August 23rd, I realized a few things.

I was brainstorming ideas for a guest spot on another blog. The topic is "Memories" and I don't remember anything positive. While thinking about my past relationships, it dawned on me: I have commitment issues. It was one of those DUH moments. Apparently everyone already knew this, cept for me.

I've never given 100 percent. Honestly, I've never emotionally or mentally committed to anyone. When I thought of commitment in the past, it was always a matter of fidelity in a sexual sense, not really wholly committing myself to a person with all of my tidbits (like my sex tidbits and my emotion tidbits and my spiritual type tidbits). It was a shitty driving revelation.

When I got to NJ, I quit. Seriously, I did. I secretly quit smoking. Didn't tell an…

Jay aint got shit on me.... No. Seriously. Real talk!!!!

Jay aint got shit on me.... No. Seriously. Real talk!!!!

My past 2 weeks have been primarily full of Bullshit.

I know, I know, I know. It's been a minute.

Let me try and run it back proper so you know what's been going on. I've been overwhelmed lately and left to stew in my own thoughts, so now I'm on the bus writing this while woman next to me keeps talking and I am trying to sufficiently ignore her while absentmindedly trying to figure out if she is talk to me, to herself or into one of them fuckin bluetoothes. Whatever.

Let me run it back to last Saturday.

I get a text asking me if I can write for an online social networking site. Ok, whatevs.

I'm honestly starting to hit my limit on these dudes talking bout they own they own business and point me to a social networking URL wit a fucked up GUI.

Real talk: User generated content in an online community with ad revenue as your main profit stream is on my last nerve. It's been done before. You're 10 years late and a shitty imitation at best. Meet an unmet need. Be original. Fuck!!!

After assessing their needs and expectati…

Wine flights and DC Restaurant week : Places to venture to this week


I owe you a whole lotta bloggin. I aint gone lie. Just wiped out. Long story.... Promise to hook yall up soon. Til then, I come bearing gifts....

DJ Xklusive's Usershare account
Feel free to get yo free music on.... Sometimes it goes down.... be patient


Love me.

My exes are like herpes..... (aka Penile Recidivism)

My exes are like herpes.....
No, they don't have herpes. And no, I don't have herpes... But they are like herpes. Just because you haven't seen it in a while, doesn't mean that it's gone. Them motherfuckers are merely lying dormant and they will pop up again. Outbreak style!

I have a handful of guidelines to assist me in keepin it short/ sweet and not crazy:
The 3 month rule.
I am thoroughly about a 3 month Probationary period for all incoming dicks, though it has been brought to my attention that perhaps the 3 month timeframe is discriminatory against men. Maybe 3 months isn’t long enough for them to figure out how they feel about a situation, which would explain my high recidivism rate.

Personally, I think the 3 month rule is great. It essentially says, "We have fun for 3 months, but at the end of that 3rd month, we are either going somewhere or we aren’t. If we are going somewhere, then that is great. If not it’s time to shit or get off the pot and I got to go.&…

Portland Pt. 2 - Breakfast plus wine plus Jetlag = Pain

Sorry. I've been addicted to "Saved by the Bell". I don't want to leave my house or anything. Why leave my house ever when I can spend my free time with the gang from Bayside.... Especially that A.C....

With a mullet like that and those dimples, I just can't pry myself away...

So,Oh So Sexy gets off from work and we drink alil wine and wander around Portland alittle. We start looking for a place to grab dinner and we end up wandering over to this random part of town. We see a strip club called "Mary's" and I drag him inside. First thing I see is a mass of untoned pale flessh gyrating on the stage and I turn right back the fuck around and walk the fuck out, shaking my head vigorously to try and rid myself of the ghastly image that had seared itself into my brain. I don't eve think Oh So Sexy got a glance. I saved him from a lifetime of flashbacks. Wandered some more and end up at this Dinerant spot. Food was straight and then we head back to the h…

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