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Things I learned while studying for the Lsats

I feel like this time that I've spent studying has given me a quiet spot in my mind to reflect on things.

When I say "You'll be alright" to someone I'm breaking up with or breakin things off with, I don't really mean "You'll be alright". What I really mean is "Ill be alright". I'm gonna start saying "we'll be alright" because we will. Its never that serious. It truly isn't.

I am combatting my desire to be fawned over. That shits like heroine. I like it a lot, til I OD on it. There's a such thing as too much, you know.

I'm reading "Eat Pray Love" because I haven't read enough and I need upliftment, like people in jail need "Rape-Off". It has made me want to do all three. And This part stuck with me. "There are only 2 questions that human beings have ever fought over, all throughout history. How much do you love me? And Who's in charge?"

I have control issues. I want to con…

Out of pocket due to the LSATs

Hey yall. Sorry. I has been too busy to write lately. Deal with it. Meantime catch me on twitter. @Nettarose1 or on FB.....