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MeatPacking, The Jersey Shore and The "Bones" Effect

Last weekend was incredibly satisfying in that every day markedly different the last and yet everyone was awesome in its own way.

Friday, I left work and headed to my friends friends home to get ready for this party. I took the first half of my journey with my supervisor. Walking along and seeing everything was great and I hear this voice that sounds familiar. I look up and who do I see but "AJ"..... Blatantly not who I wanted to run into while walking with my supervisor. I moved to a whole new city and still can't out run my Vagina. Stoopid Vagina.

Anyway, we walk along and are talking about random shit when my supervisor explains one of my main flaws. He calls it "The Bones Effect" and it really is pretty ingenious.

See, I religiously watch Bones. I do and not because I love it.... I watch it because I hate it.

Let me explain:
Bones is like CSI but shitty. I would love Bones if CSI didn't exist but it does... So Fuck Bones.
Bones is the same show as NCIS. …