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Top 3 reasons I'm goin to Hell aka "The Jesus - Jayz argument" (Randoms)

Top 3 recent reasons why I'm going to hell
I replied to someones facebook status that stated: "Jesus promises you (the believer) two things. A cross to die on and eternal life. He demands everything from us."

The conversation went as follows:
Me: I dont wanna die on a cross. Im confused.

Dude: Its not about what we want is it? The cross, of course, was a means of execution. To take the cross and follow Christ(Matt. 10:38) means to live in such devoted abandonment to Him that even death itself is not too high a price to pay. "For to me, living means living for Christ, and dying is even better." -Phil. 1:21

Me: I dont think Christ really wants me to do that.

Dude: to do what?

Me: hang out on crosses. :/ I dont even think he probably really cares whether i'm like devoted. I think he got other priorities. I think hed like me to be devoted but like, he ain't really pressed, naw mean.

Dude: Naw I dont know what u mean. If u claim to be a Christian then he wants you…

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Tap into your inner child and enjoy a Play Date - New Examiner article


For all those who keep on googling "I got 99 problems and they're all bitches"

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