The Shit I Hate About DC

I have actually managed to make up with everyone. Kisses exchanged and sammiches snacked on... All is well. Still studyin to leave tho....

Lemme expound on one thing for yall.... I hate Anonymous compliments. Especially when theyre negative. Real talk. MAN THA FUCK UP. If you hate my blog... dont read it. If you don't like what I say, Kick fuckin rocks. And if you have some shit to say.. At least have the balls to sign that shit.

I got a comment on my last blog that said: THIS ENTRY SUCKS! What happened 2 all your sleeping around & the partying & the crazy stories. I was thoroughly disappointed by this one. If u hate DC so much then GET THE FUCK TO THE NEXT CITY! We don't want u anymore anyway if you're going 2 be a bore & have no more fun stories to offer.

And you know what.... You're correct. I'm sorry my life cant live up to your expectations. I'll be sure to get caught up in a gangbang this weekend while bumpin Wale and Backyard to make up for you're boredom and my lack of DC enthusiasm.

If you read my blog to live vicariously through what I do...Tip. Leave your house. Make a friend. Have yo own adventures.

I did not know that I was the patron saint of crazy activities and DC love....

Secret... I dont really like DC. I like that I know people here. I like that sometimes that benefits me. But as a city, DC can suck it.

I actually wrote an entire blog call Dear Mr. Joe DC about every Average Joe DC dude. Its like a running list of turn offs for me.

I moved here in Middle School, yet when people ask me where I'm from, I always say "Georgia". Georgia Peach from the cradle to the grave....til my motherfuckin casket drops. If you love DC... Go at it. You can have that shit.

Let me quickly run down a list of the shit that annoys me about DC:
  1. Pretentious Bar Conversation
    I don't care where you went to school. I'm drunk. Please move onward. The level of sexual arousal you are displaying based on your fundamental desire to debate is creepy and desperate.

  2. DC will never be a fashion Mecca.
    It just wont. And DC... It's your own fuckin fault. God Damn Nike Boots. SMH....

    DC fashion week my ass.....

  3. GOGO... Really.
    I hate Gogo for the same reasons I hate reggae. Observe.
    • Take popular song.
    • Remake it crappily.
    • Put on radio....

    Yup. Still hate you.

  4. Howard University...

    Matter of Fact, all of yall.
    UMD, Georgetown, GW, American, Them others... Bowie? Really? that's a school?
    But Especially UMD. Get the fuck out of the street. I am sooooo tired of almost running over yall dumb ass children when I'm driving. I hate you and I will wantonly run you over.

  5. The Tourists....
    No, I can't give you directions. No, I don't know where the museum is. No. Please get your ugly tacky children back on the metro and out of my face.

  6. Let us not forget the crazy bitch with camera.....

You don't have to like my opinions. Or respect them. I don't care but that's how I honestly feel. You ask... you get hot fire.

As to the lack of crazy penetration stories.... The truth is simply this: I've only been sleeping with one person. That aint some shit I like to spread around or tell everybody.... Its just fact. I am currently sexually monogamous and I don't feel that the details of what go on in that situation are appropriate to put here. Know that I am happy and satisfied. Sorry I cant roam the streets fuckin my back out for your amusement but only one person has gotten my goodies for the past couple of months and we intend to keep it that way for a while.

If you're here for amusement... go watch a fuckin movie. This ain't all high notes, chuckles and multiple orgasms... This is my life. I don't stop by yo house and tell you how boring it is when you're depressed... Please don't do it to me.

I'm about to be 27. My wild days are coming to a close and my heart just isn't in crazy anymore. At 25, tappin a 20 year old felt thrilling. Now it just feels sad. There's no challenge in capturing them doe-eyed motherfuckers. I'm on my grown shit. Less adventure and more one on one connectivity. Sorry if it bores you but it's my life.


thats the realest shit I've read in a while...kudos to the growth of Netta...fuck these other bitches that don't understand progression...move to TX...CHEAP real hampton hooker cheap! But, i think they govt is putting fertility drugs in the water to try to get more representatives in congress or is it the of representatives maybe? fuck i don't know , shit you're from DC...enlighten me to the polictical processLOL and hey if you want a free therapist text me..I'll give you my advice or thoughts...and who the fuck am I gonna kids...they don't listen to me anyway!
B Harg. said…
hehe, this makes me chuckle. i read in reverse chronological order, cause the beginning of this post tipped me off that I missed something. i was like "who the hell and why is she making up with folks?"

and this post has made me so glad that i did, cause the comment you responded to is the same reason i started leaving a comment on your last post at all. i need not say more, you said enough.
Jess said…
i like your blogs, even if it's normal.
Don said…
i wouldn't even trip on the anon comments. i used to get them on my blog myself, before i stop allowing anons to cause problems. i realize: anons are usually some of the same people who visit your blog anyways. just talking ish.

coward ish.

You don't have to like my opinions. Or respect them. I don't care but that's how I honestly feel.

and this should be the end of all ends. that statement right there. oh, and if it makes you feel any better, i dislike go go music as well.

enjoy your holidays.
Nola Darling said…
lmmfao... it's been a minute... but your favorite stalker is back... and i've missed you more than ever....


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